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Thermic Fluid

We supply Therminol – 55 a high performance thermic fluid manufactured by Eastman Chemicals. This is one of the world’s largest high temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid manufacturer having brand name “Therminol”. This Therminol brand of synthetic thermic fluid has been considered preferred make of Heat Transfer Fluid in most of the industry segments include textile, rubber, leather, polyester, films, chemicals and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food industries etc.

Why select THERMINOL 55?
• It would not be appropriate differentiating the fluid based on their physical properties though they were not ever considered the ‘only’ selection parameters of the fluid, however there are few prominent properties, one which is ageing characteristics and second is THERMAL STABILITY of the fluid responsible for service life and demonstrate cost benefit over a life cycle of the fluid. Both these characteristics are driven by the chemistry chosen and I do not need to tell anybody that SYNTHETICS are better than natural mineral oil.

• The Thermal Degradation / Cracking of MINERAL OIL results in volatiles and greasy heavy compound / high boilers results in FOULING, and unwanted carbon formation which has ever been a major issue with Mineral oil resulting blockages, increased viscosity and thus POOR HEAT TRANSFER. Energy saving being given an utmost priority though cost of FUEL is volatile and rapidly going up where in why some one wish to spend an EXCESS just because of thermic fluid and that too at a cost of production loss. Is not it easy choosing Therminol 55?

• Therminol 55, thanks to its SUPERIOR OXIDATION RESISTENCE because of Aromatic based Synthetic chemistry, provides significantly longer service life than mineral oils, while keeping the installations free from solid deposits and heavy tars. These two features results in economic advantages in terms of fluid usage as well as maintenance Costs.

• Purity has been a major issue with mineral oil because of their wide application in lubrication industry and thus getting right material and right supplier…are they trusted! Therminol 55 is a synthetic fluid with high/constant product quality of 100 % purity in contrast to variable mineral oils which are lubricant side streams from refineries. Therminol 55 is also the pioneer in Synthetic fluid chemistry, superior quality and is unmatched in the quality by any other claimants of Synthetic fluid Manufacturers.

• Mineral oil is sold like a commodity whereas Solutia offers product along with complete technical service package known as TOTAL LIFE CYCLE CARE makes your system trouble free.

• Hundreds of our customer benefitting >10 years life of Therminol 55 so would not you be joining the group?

Use Therminol 55 ……Save Fuel & Save Energy